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The collection "À Deriva" developed by me, Maurílio Marçal, with the orientation of Luiza Marcier, proposes to relativize the proportions, the molds, the identity characteristics, and the why of accepting in order to belong. It consists, materially and visually, of coupled parts, magnitudes, wefts, organic patterns, the raw, transparency, superimposition, and the visibility of the body. The body is constantly changing, it is multiform, it is language and representativeness.

concept moodboards created with images from Pinterest, Google and my own

The development values study and experimentation as relevant parts of the project, especially questioning how the construction of the clothes reveals about what we want to transmit to the outside world. Positioning dressing as an effective means of constructing and externalizing our subjectivity.

piece made with cotton. model: ana luiza lima. photos: maurilio marçal

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